Yew Trees

Trees are like friends of the environment. They protect the environment from mischievous effects and they are also one of the most important causes of the life of many other living organisms. Yew trees (Taxus baccata) are the evergreen trees anciently named as trees of dead and birth due to their association with many folklore and mythology. They were meaningful trees for ancestors and Sean of the churchyard. They emblematic everlasting life, immortality and regeneration from inside of them to out. These are conifer native to western, central and southern Europe, northwest Africa, northern Iran and southwest Asia. Containing highly poisonous taxane alkaloids in them. Except its fleshy berry surrounding the seeds, all of it is poisonous. Paclitaxel a naturally occurring chemical found in the bark act as an anti-tumor agent used to treat ovarian, breast, lungs and pancreatic cancer. Their woods are very strong and widely used for making weapons in old ages now used for many other purposes. They need highly acidic and alkaline soil to grow. They have nature to grow slow and live more around 3000 years or more. Their male and female flowers are grown separately. Male small yellow shedding pollen grains are dispersed by wind and female seeds covering by sweet reddish flesh look like berry gain the attention of birds, they eat the flesh and discard the seeds which are itself poisonous that its small quantity is enough to make a person inexorably ill and cause sudden death by causing cardiac arrest. They are small to medium-sized trees growing to 10 to 20meters tall with a trunk up to 2 meters. The bark is thin reddish-brown sliver aligned with stems. Other than about their superstitious believes they have natural beauty make others feel peace around them. Although the trees are poisonous but are making the environment beautiful around it. Cutting down a large number of trees lead to their extinction. Yew is a tree that is used by the people for the bark, branch tips, and needles to make medicine. This is concerned with the yew tree that is used for treating diphtheria, tapeworms, swollen tonsils, seizures, muscle and joint pain, urinary tract conditions. Then the liver conditions of the women use it for starting menstruation and causing abortions. This is use for the Pharmaceutical companies that make paclitaxel. It make a prescription drug for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer that brought it from the bark of the yew tree. After all, they are extract paclitaxel that are leaving the poisonous chemicals in yew behind. It work very perfectly with the Yew might then it will affect the various parts of the body including nerves and the heart and muscles. This is used for the treatment and very helpful for the medicines. This is very charming and effortful plant that spread its beauty and impacts as well.

Yew Trees are like friends of the environment

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