Taxus baccata is originally known as a yew tree though with other related trees that are becoming known as a yew tree. Yew tree is spread in the worldwide such as northwest Africa, northern Iran, and southwest Asia etc. This type of these enhances the beauty of nature by planting them into houses and anywhere. The yew word that is come from the proto_ Germanic originally in a loanword from the Gaulish and the baccarat is a Latin bearing red barriers. This yew word refers to the color brown and known to Theophrastus who noted its preference for mountain coolness and shade. It has known in a different name in different countries and every country has its name with a different pronunciation. But one of the many species described by Linnaeus and around 30 conifer species in seven genera in the family Taxaceae which is placed in the order Pinales.

It has a small medium-sized tree that growing 10-20 meters (33-66ft). It has flat leaves and dark green. It is long 2-3 millimetres leaf bases twisted to align the leaves in two flat rows either. It except on erect leading shoots where the spiral arrangement is more obvious and leaves are poisonous. It cones modified each cone that containing a single surrounded by a fleshy scale which develops into soft and bright red berry such as structure called an aril. Then the aril is about to 8-15 millimetres long and wide, it open at the end of it. It gets mature about 6 to 9 months after the pollination with the seed that contained. It has been eaten by the thrushes, waxwings and other birds that disperse the hard seeds undamaged in their droppings. But the arils maturation over all of the 2 t0 3 months and increasing the chances of the successful seed dispersal. But the seeds are very poisonous and better in themselves. The greenfinches are very great tits the air is not the poisonous and greenfinches that play a great role in tits. But aril is not poisonous and is gelatinous very sweet tasting. But the male cones are very globosely about the 3….6 millimetres in the diameter. It shed in their pollen that is in early spring and yew is mostly dioeciously but occasional are very individual can be variably monoecism that changes the sex with time. Yew tree was very sacred to Hecate and Greek goddess that is associated with witchcraft, death, and necromancy. Therefore this time to have another look at them for starting with trees that are probably one of the most poisonous plants in the average garden. It is a very common yew tree for the Taxus baccata and every part of the plant other than the pulp around the seed is poisonous. There are very Yew trees that were planted in graveyards for as they thrived on corpses. They were the readily available to make excellent bows and mostly this is very considerable the point that Poisonous yew trees were planted in churchyards.


Yew trees

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